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Hope you like the new look - I went with the Outing in Scouting! theme. Still have a ways to go on the site, so if you find links not working or something outdated drop me a note to let me know.

I hope that CubRoundtable will become a very important asset to you, your Den and Pack. I used to be a Bear Assistant, Webelos Leader, Training Staff member, Roundtable Staff and then RT Commissioner. I realized during those years that there wasn't a lot of information that could easily be found outside of the resource books that the Boy Scouts of America put out.

Advancement info can be found under the different ranks Tiger Cubs, Wolfs, Bears and Webelos.

Leaders will find information on Dens and Pack Meeting helps. The dropdown button under Leaders is the Parent/Guardian section for helpful info. Thank you for considering a great FAMILY program that will grow with your son. What other national program covers citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness in all aspects of its program.

Sundry is for information that is useful to all areas of Scouting and contains forms, helpful data on projects as well as charts. Pack helps like cost anaylist sheets, a generic Pack Guide, Planning sheets and fun activities are also found in this area. Bookmark it for future use. There are various drop down buttons here for Character Connections, and other resources you will find useful.

Roundtable is an important asset to any leader or parent . This is a monthly get-together of all Leaders, Assistants, Committee Members, and involved Parents who want to help their Unit Committee get the best resources, activities and up to date information on upcoming events in the District and Council. Join a network of seasoned Scouters that have a wide resource of experience for the "new" leader.

Past editions of the CubRoundtable Newsletter are available here. Your Roundtable Commissioner and staff work on the upcoming theme the month before your Pack Meeting.

"Ask the Commiss" A friend sent me a note that I should have a section on my website where leaders could ask "how to" questions and answers that everyone could read as a way of sharing ideas. If you have a question send it to webaddress for rt and we will try to help you out.

The drop down button for the Training section that lists information about the various programs that are required for the "Trained" patch and the Scout Leader Recognition Knots.

Roundtable Commissioners This is a vault area that is being developed for to exchange ideas, craft patterns, links, songs, games and other resources.

I would like interested CS Roundtable Commissioners to contact me to set up a net work so we can create great Roundtables. This area will be only available to Roundtable Commissioners to share upcoming theme ideas, or ideas on events that we all volunteer for. Any ideas for my web site can be sent to webaddress for rt

Uniform Game is a new challenge for anyone wanting to succeed in correct uniform placement. I have used a magnetic copy of the shirt and emblems in training for years now. I would assign 4 or 5 Leaders to a kit and have them arrange the emblems onto the shirt in the correct order. Now I have taken it one step further and created a puzzle of sorts. You need to get the location of the emblem onto the correct position of the shirt or it will be returned to the box for another try. This will help Scouts, Leaders and parents learn where patches, achievement badges and other awards go. I hope that you will like this feature.

Links area will cover other Cub Scout and Boy Scout web sites, interesting web sites that I think you could use as resources. If you have a Cub Scout web site that you would like to link to this site let me know and I will add the link.RT Treasure Chest logo RT Treasure Chest Logo

Roundtable Treasure Chest is the location where you will find a current copy of the Cubroundtable Newsletter. If you are from another District or Council, your RT Commissioner can contact me and I will send them the password to give to those who attend their Roundtable.

On the Treasure Chest information page you will find the 3 Cub Characters asking for the current month's password. Only if you have the password, can you click on the Enter Site button and type in the password which will take you to that month's edition.

Scouting Clip Art This section will feature BSA graphics that you can use for flyers or newsletters. If you would like something featured in this section let me know and I will try to work on something to include here.

Maps of Camp Berry - Findlay, OH and Camp Lakota- Defiance, OH can be found at BSAC logoshttp://www.t342.com

If you find links on this site that are broken, please contact the webmaster info on webmaster webaddress for rt Thanks

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