Welcome to the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Vault.

This is an area that is designed for you and other Cub RT Commissioners to discuss upcoming themes or the current month's theme.

I like to create graphic layouts and want to share info with other Commissioners so that we can increase attendance and make Roundtable exciting.

Only Cub RT Commissioners will have access to this room so upcoming themes ideas will be new to the attendees of that month's Roundtable.

If you send in information I will list you, and your Council on the web site. Information can be patterns for a craft, web sites on themes ideas, maybe a start of an idea that someone has done before.

Let's create the Cub RT Network . Have your District Executive send me a note that you are from his District and I will send you the password into this hidden room. Hope to hear from you soon. Carol

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About Sunshine Productions

Freelance graphic web design, specifically with not-for-profit organizations since 2002.

I also have a broad experience in graphic design as well, producing a wide range of products, including, brochures, newsletters, ads, and specialty items for schools, churches and BSAC Boy Scouts of America. I have received many honors for my volunteer work with BSAC and Findlay City Schools.


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Ideas to Share?

If you are a Roundtable Commissioner and would like to put information on the site, credit will be given to you and your Council.

Sharing our talents can help create better Roundtables for our leaders.

Contact Carol E. Little


is your connection to what events are happening in your district and council!

Attend and bring back all the event info for your scouts to have a fun time in Scouting!

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