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What is Roundtable ?

It is an important function of the district where the upcoming monthly Cub Scout program theme in action! It is a learning opportunity for you the Cub Leader and a training opportunity for the BSA.

The monthly Roundtables are the most effective medium for getting the Cub Scout program to YOU the packs and leaders.

A quality Roundtable should be informational --to provide leaders with the "skill-to-do." Activities at Roundtable must be usuable by the packs in the next month's den and pack meetings. The best method to teach a skill is to "learn-by-doing." A roundtable is not entertainment; it is a learning experiecnce. Yet if it is done well, it can be entertaining, too.

A quality roundtable must also be inspirational-- to give Cub Scout leaders the "will-to-do", and to motivate them to do their best for their Cub Scouts.

Attendees receive flyers on upcoming events, and learn about upcoming events held in the District and Council and the monthly password for the Treasure Chest.

Roundtable covers:
training topics
theme songs
advancement ceremonies
resource items for the different levels of Cub Scouting.

The more members from your Pack that attend, the more your Pack will get out of Roundtable. The monthly theme of Roundtable is the theme that the Pack will use the following month.

Also, a great benefit that new Leaders gain is that they get to meet and network with seasoned Scout Leaders who can discuss current topics and explain ideas to the new Leaders.

"Ask the Commiss" A friend sent me a note that I should have a section on my web site where leaders could ask "how to" questions and answers that everyone could read as a way of sharing ideas. If you have a question send it to and we will try to help you out.

About Sunshine Productions

Freelance graphic web design, specifically with not-for-profit organizations since 2002.

I also have a broad experience in graphic design as well, producing a wide range of products, including, brochures, newsletters, ads, and specialty items for schools, churches and BSAC Boy Scouts of America. I have received many honors for my volunteer work with BSAC and Findlay City Schools.


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Ideas to Share?

If you are a Roundtable Commissioner and would like to put information on the site, credit will be given to you and your Council.

At this time, we will focus on the theme of the month for info to share.

Sharing our talents can help create better Roundtables for our leaders.

Contact Carol E. Little


is your connection to what events are happening in your district and council!

Attend and bring back all the event info for your scouts to have a fun time in Scouting!

Little BearWB C-CS-15